Solo Dev Game made for TRIJAM 170 !

Theme : Life in a box

In this weird platformer where you cant jump, you control a Box who needs to exit the cavern.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorLeonard Plantey
Made withConstruct
TagsGBJam, Trijam


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Great game!

Awesome game! Very polished for a 3 hour build, well done!

This was so fun. I was just browsing jams and saw this.

Thanks a lot ! i dont know what happened to this game, but a lot of people saw it and played it and liked it. Maybe i will improve it and make it bigger. 

I’d play a puzzle pack lol

omg!! Thats amazing! good job!!

Thanks a lot ! what do u think about improving this game ?

add more things like the water - maybe a rubber-floor where you bounce off wildly (with spikes at the ceiling so you have to move reaaaallly carefully)? something like that — best after a “speed period” where players smash the arrow keys wildly and then suddenly have to … STOP. caution… like walking over raw eggs…

Great game. Fun to play!

Thanks a lot !

Very cute and fun game! I love how you need to mash an arrow key in order to move in that direction. It's a unique mechanic that instantly gives the game a humorous vibe.

Building puzzle-like levels around the lack of precise control was a great idea.

Thanks a lot ! I wonder improving this game

Physics is naturally fun. Maybe add some puzzle/mechanic about pushing blocks over?